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With over 30 years of industry-leading experience manufacturing metal roofing systems that have made financial sense for thousands of owners of single family homes and commercial properties, we are very grateful for the opportunity to have you consider our products as well.

Classic Metal Roofing Systems Benefits

Please consider the benefits that come with a Classic Metal Roof. These benefits save you money now and in the future:

  • Long-Life Durability - Featuring fade-resistant Kynar finishes, our products have a life expectancy of 40+ years including unmatched hail resistance. End your regular roof maintenance expenses!
  • Energy Efficiency - Utilizing heat-reflective coatings and built-in thermal breaks, our systems reduce heat gain, creating dramatic energy savings.
  • Recyclable - Most roof systems are a liability from the moment they are installed because they will have to someday be torn off and disposed of in a landfill. Our roofs are 100% recyclable. Their salvage value will probably exceed their removal cost.
  • Increased Property Value - Quality metal roofing adds value immediately and holds that value.
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These benefits offer safety for your tenants:

  • Interlocking Panels - Hold tight on the roof even in severe winds and also do not pose a risk of slipping and crashing to the ground even on vertical mansard roofs.
  • Fire Resistant - Will not ignite due to airborne sparks from tenant activities or nearby fires.
  • Hail Resistant - Warranted to not leak due to hail perforation or indentation.
  • Low Weight - Installs over most old roofs so tenants are not subject to the debris of torn-off roofing materials in their yards, driveways, etc.

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